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Parola agli Artisti

A Collection

Work belonging to the artistic collection of tapestries "A Collection".

It is divided into two videos: "A Collection" and "Parola agli Artisti".

The first video shows and tells how A Collection was born, starting from a current and enormous environmental problem which is pollution and how beauty and luxury can be obtained from it. In the second video we instead wanted to give the floor to the artists, asking them what prompted them to want to participate in this project. The interval between the two videos is very important. It embodies the essence of A Collection. A large gold-plated A, which is the actual logo, floats in the air. Remember the essence of luxury without forgetting where it comes from. In fact, the background sounds are the noises of the textile machines with which it was possible to make the tapestries. They are mangled and slowed down at intervals, so that the viewer dwells on the necessary time it takes to create a work of art and on the little time we have available to change things, since, if we continue to pollute at this rate our planet, we will soon reach a point of no return. The natural sounds that are heard are there to remind us.

Client: A Collection

Date: October 2019

Location: Torino

Together with: Chiara Casarin & Giovanni Bonotto